I received 8 boxes of books at the Post Office last week and realized it would be 8 trips to my car. I went to shift things around to fit them in my trunk and as I walked back to the Post Office a small group of 12 year olds with their teacher were approaching. I opened up my arms and said would there by anyone here who would be willing to assist me in moving some boxes into my car. A kid with green hair enthusiastically raised his hand and shouted, Yes I will!  The teacher joined in and we all grabbed a box. I walked with the green hair kid and told him I loved his hair. We talked about being rebel jay walkers. He asked my name and I his. After we loaded my car, he turned to me, reached for my hand to shake and said it was really great to meet you. All the kids said good-bye and off they went. I am still struck by my own willingness to ask, and the instant offer and graciousness of a 12-year-old boy.