God Said to me as I wrote one day:

This is the place I know to meet you in

If you come here, I can support you

If you take the time to be with me, I can be with you

I am your partner

Speak (write) very slowly and you will find me

January 24, 1989  [NY]

Comforted by paper and ink, a way to share my Soul and yet knowing it can only reveal a small piece of the beauty so magnificent, words cannot justify or describe.

I have seen that beauty all my life and can claim it now as my own.

My Soul in all it’s magnificence wants to share your Soul’s heart space

Speak (write) very slowly and you will find me

Slowly the word emerges crawling up from inside searching for the way through to the outside; careful to wait for the invitation to become.

Writing is the art of simply being

Soul listening is about committing to being with mySelf 100% as I write

Be a listener of the silence

Speak what is true for you  . . .  On paper your truth is clear

Pretend you are listening for the sound of angels that you can only hear if the mind and emotions are still.

Listen past the your words – emotions – reasoning and hear only your soul and the sound it is making

In this fullness as I write I can truly relax

Writing settles me into who I AM