Years ago a friend was assisting me in getting more engaged and grounded in my physical body through exercise. He said tracking the number of repetitions I was doing would keep me engaged.  I did not follow through nor did I do consistent exercise. This year I made a commitment to moving my body and not call it exercise. My first step was a vision board of how I wanted my body to feel. I was inspired and decided if I wanted to make this work I would start tracking. I made a commitment to do 33 consecutive days of some kind of movement daily and track it on an excel sheet.  I am thrilled to say that on Saturday I will complete SIX 33 day cycles of some kind of movement daily. [Bike riding, hiking, gyrotonics (my new love), the rebounder for lymphatics, dancing etc.] It doesn’t matter how many I do each day or how long. What matters is that I keep moving my body. I know the tracking works. I  am competitive and I want that win on day 33 each month. This morning I had a fleeting thought of stopping tracking thinking six months was long enough. But I can be sneaky and lazy. So my wiser self stepped in with encouragement to not only keep tracking but to put my body on the line with a minimum amount of movement each day. I am loving my renewed vitality and I want to both sustain it and stretch a bit more. Plus my piriformis and gluteus maximus will stay relaxed as I sit less and move more.