As I sat down at this very late hour to post I could hear a familiar refrain in my head, “I’m too tired and it’s too late.” It’s just a story and not an accurate one. If what I was about to do would take 4 hours maybe I would want to reconsider and reschedule. It’s easy to use late and tired as a reason not to do. Yet it is never too late and tired is an absence of the Spirit in my experience. I am aware in this moment that as soon as I am willing to address what is happening and let go of the story, the energy I thought was not available shows up.  What is true is that I am aware that it is close to midnight and my body is ready to lay itself down. That is quite different from telling myself it is too late and I’m too tired.  The first statement is simply what is. The second declares what is not actually true and is seeking a way out of doing what I said I would do, with a little added drama. A simple statement in awareness takes away any resistance and gives the freedom of choice.