There is that phrase, “it’s all over but the shouting ” or if you live in the UK “it’s all over but the shouting.”  I just googled the origin which is said to have been a Welsh-born journalist named Charles James Apperley (pseudonym Nimrod) in 1842 claiming victory with a sports game before the final score. In my case, the score is in. And I won today with this 30th daily consecutive post on my blog!  Time to celebrate!  We easily celebrate others accomplishments and often brush off what we do as no big deal. And the final piece is all about celebrating. How we do it isn’t of consequence. That we do it is. I have been celebrating daily as I finished a post even when I thought I couldn’t possibly create something to write about much less dare to post it. I tell myself I am a writer but writers need to write and I have been a bit lazy. I am thrilled that I wrote and posted 30 days in a row. And in this moment what I am most thrilled about is knowing and claiming in writing that I love to write. Let the shouting begin.