Instead of driving back from LA after an appointment I spontaneously called a friend and we spent 6 hours together in a place I had not been. There was no agenda other than eating something and being together. The unplanned for me is often the most fun.  We moved based on what was present to do. I ended up doing an errand that I was going to do tomorrow and had their input. At one point we landed at the car and end up talking outside the car for an hour as the air was cool and there was a breeze vs 90 degrees where I live. Then to a Whole Foods [largest I have ever seen] for water as I had not planned to stay the day.  Met a French woman with her young son as we looked at ice cream ingredients and she overheard us and wanted to talk. Very sweet moment. The time flowed effortlessly without the having to be somewhere by a certain time, or to cram in a few things vs just relaxing and being. I felt like I was on a wave being gently delivered to shore as the afternoon unfolded spontaneously with great joy.