Receiving begins with unconditional attentive listening

I experience being truly heard when I know another person is deeply listening to me. The truth inside of me somehow spills out and I am able to express my own truth and gain clarity.  I call this process Soul Listening. In the presence of a Listener, we hear ourselves at a soul level bringing clarity and balance forward. Allow your own truth and wisdom to speak while supported in the gentle presence of another soul.

Soul Listening sessions are held virtually or in person in Ojai, California.

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“Listening is one of the greatest gifts each of us has to offer ourselves and each other. “

Martha’s thoughtful and deeply loving approach to listening created the environment for me to listen to my own heart, my own voice.   Martha’s approach is so very simple and so very profound.  Giving me the time and respect to open up to myself was transformative. Martha clearly demonstrated the healing power of listening and the gift I received in the process was hearing my own voice, my own wisdom.    
Grace Meyer