I decided today that maybe by announcing my intention to complete the Soul Listener book I could move forward. This book began in 2000 with this short intro that wrote itself on the page and took me by surprise. I am ready to discover the rest of the book. Thank you for listening.

So simple it is to get caught up in the glamour of it all when the simple is even more exquisite. Going forward with only an inkling of where we might land is what God asks of us each day. We do it and surprise often meets us in the middle and gives us the meaning of our existence. Life is for being aware of the Spirit in all things and to learn how to find our true nature that we may have forgotten. This requires all of us to listen between the lines and let go of what we expected and choose what shows up instead. We are here to learn how to love. It’s that simple and it’s that exquisite. The space between the lines is wordless. It is the eternal quiet that rests us if we can get in there regularly. It’s the place that is free of chatter, activity or judgment. It is pure divine love. Love is behind every communication—in between the lines and maybe not visible to all. When actors say their lines, if they are not connected to the “space between the lines,” we know it. We all know the “space.” We sometimes just forget to occupy it.