I told myself I would post every day for a month and at this moment it is late, I had a very long day and I fell asleep watching World of Dance. Clearly time to lay the body down. And then I remember I have not posted. I watch my mind start try to renegotiate and thinking oh just one night, what does it matter? My word matters a lot I said to myself as I pulled my onto my lap opened it up and here I am.  No matter what I remind myself out loud. I have been doing a practice of tracking at the end of the day which includes a few areas I want as my focus including a blessing on the day. I never miss tracking at night so I know I can post no matter what. I know the power of keeping my word to myself and while I type I notice my energy increasing and my willingness along with it. I am now complete with the day and ready to tuck myself in. Sweet dreams of gratitude.