Listening with the Beloved

These are examples of soul listening on paper.
I experience them as conversations with the Spirit/Beloved we all are.

[Inner words from the Beloved are in bold]

May 14, 2018

Beloved, I would like a word with you

I am listening

I feel adrift yet on purpose. How can both be true

There is clarity of purpose in your going home to God. The adrift part ties to the misunderstanding of what the 10% and being in the world is about. The way through is to use what is feeling as if you are adrift for your upliftment. You have labeled adrift as a negative and have named it so (absolute)  What if adrift could be renamed to the truth. Things are not happening in the ways that have been familiar to you. The adrift you are experiencing could be viewed as a new opening and an invitation to ask to be shown how you might use this experience to lift.

So adrift could be called a new space in my consciousness to explore and receive – maybe new creative ideas

Yes simply the renaming can make the shift

Funny how just the word adrift conjures up fear, uncertainty, and lack.

And if you use something like a new familiar you get to explore the space as something you knew in another time

I see that. And I have been shown some new inner places in my SE’s that I seem to know and recognize as familiar yet they appear as new

Yes, that is the experience you want to invite in more and more. Think of what you have labeled as adrift as preparation time for what is coming forward for you to receive. You can begin preparing the place by asking to receive with focus and commitment. The uncomfortable place of feeling adrift is simply seeing through an old filter.  This could be an exciting time and one to embrace vs fear.

I am appreciating the calm entering

The more you welcome this new energy the more calm will be present

Thank you. I appreciate how easy it is to receive you when I am willing to ask

April 14, 2018

I wonder if I have anything to say?

 Maybe not you, and Spirit has plenty to say if you move out of the way.  Allowing yourself to simply listen and receive is your new learning. 

How can words ever convey the enormity of the space in which I dwell as I listen and receive  [with the Beloved]

They will not but perhaps the words can assist in inviting that expansion as a practice we can all receive.  Describing the space might be a place to start.

My spiritual heart takes the wheel with a quiet presence. I am enveloped in a capsule of simply being and I know I am being prayed.  The sound of the quiet hums softly in the background.  The efforting or trying dissolves and I resonate with everything.

Nothing has to be said. Nothing needs to happen. Nothing is all there is.  And I am held in pure divine loving. I become a written meditation.  In this deep quiet words are silent. Essence takes over and the sound is very loud, pure and quieting.  I am in a place of profound peace and quiet. I watch and listen flowing with what is.

 I know my truth resides here and I invite what is for me to receive, careful not to rush the purity of the moment.  Listening inside this radiance feels like an honor, a privilege to be in the Presence.  Quiet this quiet balances any thoughts, cares, concerns.  They become of no consequence and the I AM is the only reference.

May I experience this dwelling more and more consistently? The safety of this space is humbling. There is no place to go. Being is the only go to.  The creator lives here.

The beauty is the depth of the anchor that keeps me in my own presence. This is pure divine loving.  I am gifted by God into the totality of loving.

This is receiving- where prayers are answered, where co-creation resides, where joy is.  A dip in this pool of holy love rejuvenates, replenishes and cradles.

So easy it is to want to say ‘that’s enough’ and pull myself back to the smaller self of the world.  I invite myself to say a while longer relishing this gift.

April 19, 2018

Now that your darting mind has returned from its travels is there anything you learned out there?

I can only handle and control this moment. No need to figure out things that are not happening now other than in my mind. Not to mention how it drains my energy.

The spaciousness and contentment here now is the only place to truly travel. The past and the future are only the minds’ playing field. Your heart and your knowing live in the present field.

I gratefully choose this field of play.

And playful it is. All possibility emerges in the creative present. 

My clear vision, sees, hears, senses and is touched with heightened awareness.

In this place, you get to see with eyes of knowing.  Just let your eyes relax, follow your breath and connect to the inner vision.  It is the observing, watching, playing field.  As you watch you are simply noticing what you are being shown, listening to inner sounds and your being is all-inclusive.  Your mind cannot explain the immensity of the space you know you are occupying as you.  Traveling in these inner spaces is free of control and agendas and simply is.  Invite any information from your knowing to be revealed for the highest good.  Allow the lifting higher.  Go out to greet the unknown, welcome what you are to receive.  Dwelling in the expansion is deep rest and relaxation. 

Receive this energy of presence, the beingness that is you without the mind, body and emotions.  

I am in the awe of you and me, grateful to keep returning to this moment’s peace.

November 16, 2018

I have had so much preparation energy this morning up until this moment and am aware this is where I am to be, here with you in full presence available to what is. I open my heart to you, to what is here for me to learn.

The Listening is the blessing being presented for you. Your ability to “let go into” is the gift of listening. It’s a listening beyond this level to the expanse of consciousness. The words are not so much the focus, it is more about the energy and resonance that is alive in this space to which you so easily dwell. In the receptivity is the key to what is asking for your awareness. As you settle in to this place all is available and nothing is required. No need for the habitual figuring out with the mind, the scheduling of to do’s, the wondering what needs to happen next. In the receptivity space all is delivered in Spirit’s timing. You can be led quite effortlessly to what is next without any thinking. Allow the knowing to have your back, trust yourself to be moved as is perfect in Spirit. Relaxing is your learning. To simply be – your life quest is upon you. Trust it completely. Spirit will guide you to what next needs completion. You do your part in the maintenance of the day to day and give over the path to the divine guidance. Feel the body settling in more to the breath.

I am watching as the habitual parts of me want to jump into planning mode where there is nothing to do in this moment.

You calm down the part of you in a hurry to finish. The hurry stops you from fully receiving what is before you as you are past it. Take time to be with you as you do and “let go into” minute to minute. The darting in consciousness keeps you from being. “Let go into” right now. That is the essence of gyrotonics – the perfect format for you. Your consciousness is required to be fully immersed in the body. You have been watching as you are doing vs letting go into the body and being in the body experiencing. The connection with the body is all about being. Your mind is wanting to do it right, figure it out, connect the dotes and all the while your body is wanting you to be with it. Not around it, above it, beside it, but in it.

My minds wants to ask how

Of course it does as that’s its job. And the answer is . .

Let go into

November 30, 2018

Writing is a receiving of your heart’s knowing. And there is no trying and no amount of pushing to make it happen. The more you can drop into receptivity the more can be shared with you.

June 8, 2020

Feeling like doing everything but writing. Taking a breath. Being grateful I can sit here. Feeling a bit like I’m on speed. Taking another breath.  Thank you for waiting for me. Okay coming a little more in. Writing very slowly works to get me more in myself.  Thinking I could go stand in the dirt or do gyro or SE’s or anything but sitting here and receiving.  The eternal dilemma- avoiding what is now 

What you do or don’t do is not the issue. The settling in to knowing what to do or not do is what is up for you.  Once you settle in to your truth of now the path becomes clear. 

Thank you. Is there something irritating me today.

You choose irritation as avoidance of being present. Once present there is no irritation. Your habit of impatience, frustration is in a way your ego trying to control what isn’t controllable. In the present moment there is no need for the control and the ego wants to avoid it so it keeps you frustrated.  Be in charge of your ego and assert your Presence to quiet the control. Watch and observe the ego trying hard, being obstinate, thinking it knows and see what that gets it.  It is the ego’s distraction that keeps you from your true self.  Stop feeding the ego. Stop participating in the upset. Declare your freedom. Be firm in your direction. Your ego is not in charge. Be REAL CLEAR on that.  Claim your God consciousness and lift above what is controlling you. Let God be the director, the balancer. Treat yourself to greater freedom. 

Thank you. I am more settled. It’s so easy for  me to get caught up in the frenzy. I prefer being in the center of my calm. What might you have for me today

Watch your attention closely- where does it go? 

Usually it goes to something to do first. I would like to move into chanting the HU when I see my mind start to take over.

That works.

Maybe I am not meant to write. I keep seeing all the JR seminars I am wanting to relisten to and think it would be a better use of my time. 

And what about your wisdom to share.  

I think it is my ego wanting to share

It isn’t if it simply shows up without an agenda

I know when I am in a writing flow I am in the God flow. For me that is the best seminar.  Thank you for letting me just talk.

Relax into the flow of you. Trust what presents itself as aligned for you and maybe only for you. Let the divinity in you have a voice. Choose to occupy it fully.  When the flow in you is wanting to speak be available to write it down. Be the scribe of you. Gather what you speak. In the quickness you sacrifice your deep connection.  Allow the spaciousness you are to express fully. Trust that you know past any doubt. See things from the God viewing point.  Access through your heart’s vibration all that you need. Bring your attention in deeper to access the knowing.

September 16, 2020

I am available to be worked with today however you see.

Presence in the Lord is the awareness of the totality.  Listening to that totality is the sound of God.  It is the bigness you often experience that has no verbal expression, but you know it as reality. 

Practice being in the Presence more and more allowing yourself to be moved from moment to moment while maintaining the connection to the divine. 

The Presence – the connection to the truth of who you are is your gift.

You can deepen more into the Presence, not as passive but fully engaged in the knowing of it’s presence in you.

Keeping that attunement can be your next great adventure.

It is a coming in vs a going out

See and experience your movements as coming from that place and put the Spirit into what you are doing.

November 30, 2020

I am calming as I write. I am loving the clear seeing.

It is the relaxing in your consciousness, in your body, in your attitude. Keep shifting the irritation level as it shows up.  As a friend said – give it to the purple Light.  It is not you. We want all of you. 

Thank you

Watch the old familiar places that move you out of loving and love them to shift. 

Do I talk too much? 

Only when you are anxious. It’s an old pattern of needing to fill the silence out of the fear you lived in as a child.  This pattern can be released by listening before you speak to see if your words contribute value.  No one needs stories.  Another part is the needing someone to listen as no one had time for you.  Your finishing of other’s sentences is another piece of this pattern.  Wanting to be seen as knowing, recognition but really it is about forgetting to listen to your soul 

Is oversharing a sign of co-dependence.

A sign of insecurity. Needing to talk not necessary. 

Needing to listen outweighs needing to talk. Relax your mind, relax your body, come into your heart. 

Is this all surfacing now for the Soul Listener book.

Before you can write this book you will want to be living it.  You are a superb listener. It’s the chattering that needs your attention.  The chatterer needs reassurance that it is okay to be silent.

I am open to making this shift.  Like with the seeing, it is all about relaxing.

Deepening the place you listen from calms the chatter

Receive what the Soul wants shared before beginning to speak 

Trust what is to be shared will be revealed without you needing to charge ahead

What is to be spoken will naturally flow out from your heart as you listen.

January 18, 2022. Can we look at the constriction in my occipital lobe and the naming of it as restriction by a friend.  First is the issue restriction? 

You can call it that. Basically it is energy blocked by negativity – in your case in the form of denying yourself through blame, criticism, putting yourself down,  comparison and containing your loving.  Meaning there is a flip side to your expression that wants to be heard. It’s the humor, the spontaneity, the wise vs the contained and proper that you have claimed as you. There is more to be discovered in your expression.  What is opening in you is more of the spontaneous – more freedom – less control (that could be called restriction)  As a child asking at your parents friend’s home  for your eggs to be more cooked and your mother’s shaming of you for asking started locking up your natural expression for fear of reprimand.  You get to be you even if no one likes it. And it’s okay to make a mistake, say it badly, forget something important.

Restricting your movement, holding on tight, afraid of the freedom available, gathers over time into – in this case- your head/occipital tightness.  It can be released with your tenderness, your understanding, your willingness to forgive yourself your pattern of restriction. The needing to be right, to have it all contained, is restriction.  You can let it all go. 

I would like your assistance in doing just that. 

Ask the Light, the Holy Spirit to remove the restrictions and to bless them. 

[Did an inward prayer]

That was a beautiful start. This will be a continual Asking.  There is an opportunity for you to move from the mental asking to the experience of asking from the fullness and purity of your heart. This is not a mental asking. 

And this is a new behavior for me as my mind has been at the forefront 

You have a sharp mind. You also have a very tender heart that you have allowed the mind to overshadow. Let your heart do the asking. It knows best how to ask.  In your tenderness is your freedom.

Can you feel the presence in you, as you, right now


Allow the tenderness that is you to do the healing, the releasing, the asking, the praying. Let the mind observe your heart in action.

Did some chanting.

Have empathy and compassion for all you have carried.  You can lay down all these burdens (constrictions, restrictions, etc. now] Release your judgments, your punishing of you.  Let go of the control you have used as your security. Bless all that you have endured as your strengthener.  Have compassion on yourself – you no longer need to judge.  You can be free of all the judgments and move into enjoying you – all parts of you – the rebel, the sassy, the insistent one, the tender one, the empath, even the judger and controller.  Make it fun to love yourself. Be a joy to yourself. Relax into who you are and celebrate who you REALLY are – so much bigger than you have allowed. 

Let your radiance flow, let your being reveal, let your tenderness touch.

This process will continue with you. Keep the heart involved in all of it. No control necessary. Just loving focus. 

May 10, 2022

I ask for a deeper inner connection settling into my God Consciousness available to what Spirit is bringing present for me. I am willing to just let go of the busy and the need to do and relax into writing/receiving.  Thank you for making the time and space for me.

We begin by emptying what might be pulling

I listed a few things.  Then started doing some of them vs staying with the writing.

Well, I went quite off track doing. Back now.  Do you have something for me? 

Listen for the thread that is yours to follow. There is no hurry in God’s timing.  The deeper into quiet you allow yourself to go the wider the expansion. Test the water by diving in. Abandon any thought requiring constriction or restriction. Open that place waiting to breathe

I used to love to sit and write. Lately it feels like an endurance. What might this be about. I seem to have lost that connective flow.

Or perhaps you have become it and there is nothing to find.

That has my attention. Can you say more.  

Your writing has been your way into your God consciousness – its  been a wayshower of sorts – a way for you to explore consciousness.  

Am I to keep writing? 

That is up to you. It’s possible for your writing to take on a new purpose. 

I am open to that. And I am also aware of the stationery aspect of writing. The piece I wrote years ago in the 90’s about painting on big canvases the size of a whole room – body moving and sends with “the more I write the deeper I go.”  That moment writing on that easel was expansive – honest – and  my truth.

Have I honored it? Was it literal? My life feels contained with less movement.  Imagining painting on walls as big as a room is freeing while also contained.. And maybe the canvas is the internet and my writing room on Soul Listener website.  

Sometimes the words on paper expand me to the size of a room with their depth.

The truth is, there is no way to answer my question – have I honored my written prayer and if it was symbolic or literal.  And what matters is now. And do I ever have to know? 

I believe the truth is always found dwelling fully in right now. That piece was written to be an anchor for me to keep writing – which I have done. 

Writing does give me my truth as it moves moment to moment unrestricted and free

So now?  Uncontain me Lord,-  open my heart to the free flow of loving. Touch me into the freedom of my soul’s expression. Dance me to the rhythm of unconditional love. Rise me up to the beginning.

Let the flow in me flow with you.  Deepen the loving in me as me


Be the silent knower

The one who sees but keeps the quiet

Recognize the master in all

Nothing more is needed

Hold yourself sacred

Speak little say much

Keep your focus on God

Let the rest fall into place

Practice silent being

See, listen, hear, smell

Fill yourself with beingness

Let your loving flow out in your eyes

Let go of everything you don’t absolutely love

Be a wayshower of simplicity

Get down to absolute basics that you regularly use

Be so current there is only God to be with

Imagine yourself free to be.


Quite Moments

Stillness all around

Outside and in

No words- only a deep peace

Moments to cherish as God is listening

And asking you to stay awhile

You smile deep inside knowing you are loved

January 24, 1989  

Dancing Keys

Unlock my Soul

Lead me past the edge into the realm of unlimited combinations

Past the structure

Past the end of the board into the real beginning