Heart Rings


from my heart to yours

Patience, Patience, Patience   

I am in that place where blossoms grow into expressions of delicate refined beauty,

Where infinitesimal small steps are to be revered and tenderly nurtured into womanhood,

Where even the slightest step must be spirit directed, or the blossom cannot reach the height of its glory.

Be ever so patient with me. I want to flourish.

I never know what I’ll say next

I pray it will make perfect sense

But really what does it matter at all

Because expressing who I am makes me feel 10 feet tall

*  *  *

I shudder when I look at all the clutter

Let’s go have tea with scones and butter

I am not ready to clean up this mess

Until I’ve had tea in my new yellow dress

*  *  *

Toppling smoppling down they go

What will they be next? does anybody know?

A waterfall?

A roller coaster?

A giant jungle gym

I love playing with these blocks outside and in

*  *  *

Did you ever get into your Mom’s button box

And run your hands down through the middle

There’s something wonderful about getting involved

It usually makes me laugh and giggle.

* *  *

Nana’s farm was a child’s delight

Outhouses, wells and candlelight

Picking blueberries out by the pond

And listening to the peaceful stillness all night long

*  *  *

When I was little baloney sandwiches is what I ate

Lots of miracle whip which I now simply hate

But I trust that I’m not in any way damaged

Just from eating too many baloney sandwiches

*  *  *

I never thought comic books were very funny

And I didn’t like bugs bunny

What really meant more to me

Was laughing and bouncing on my father’s knee

*  *  *

Calm cover over me

Settle me within

Bring me inspiration

And tuck me in

*  *  *

I loved the sound of the gravel hitting the truck wheels

My brother sister and I would begin to squeal

It meant the picking crews were on their way

And we would get to help Grandpa pick blueberries all day

*  *  *

I like to let the words appear,

Nothing is sweeter or more dear

Like a kind loving word at the right time from a friend

It takes you to the next place around the bend.

*  *  *

Continuous flowing

Does anyone know where we are going

All I know is I feel blessed

That’s all I need to handle the rest

*  *  *

Down under the socks at the foot of my bed

Lies the big old monster I have had in my head

I ‘ve been afraid he is going to eat me alive

But in fact he’s only an imaginary guy

Whatever caused me to make him appear real

Is no longer something that has any appeal

So I will reach down to the foot of my bed

And simply pick up my socks instead

*  *  *

Sweetness is God smacking his lips

Giving us kisses like sweet puppy nips

Reminding us to be loving and stay very close

For that is what we are brought here to do most

*  *  *

Please don’t tell me what to do

What’s good for me may be different for you

Trust me to know how to handle what’s mine

Then everything will turn out just fine

*  *  *

Into the purity of my heart I go

Traveling to places I ‘ve yet to now

Resting as I learn through the night

Returning gently with the morning light

*  *  *

Double dutch chocolate touch

Sounds delicious – how much?

Oh it doesn’t cost anything – it’s free

It’s what I feel in my heart when you express yourself to me

*  *  *

Here I am in bed with the judge

No matter what she will not budge

She thinks she knows and tells you so

I just agree with her and let it go

But underneath I am mad as hell

Who does she think she is  – miss ring a bell

What can I do to make her stop

Her judgment spins round and round like a top

I’ve tried it all and nothing stops her stride

I’ll bet I can get to her through her pride

If she thought everyone could see her judge

I bet she would switch and make us all fudge

*  *  *

People ask me what so and so thinks

And I go right ahead and tell them without a clink

What is it that makes me feel privileged to say

What I know nothing about and is never okay.

*  *  *

There is so little required of us

Why is it we make such a fuss

All God is asking us to be

Is loving and kind to you and me

*  *  *

“Bless you” I say when someone sneezes

“Are you okay” when someone wheezes

“Let me help you” when someone falls

And “I love you” – for no reason at all.

* *  *

There is so much beauty here

Can you listen with loving ears

watch with knowing eyes

and let it touch your heart alive

*  *  *

Talk to me God I’ll be still

Like the cat on the windowsill

Watching and listening as if he knew

A secret, did he hear it from you?

*  *  *

What is a sweet pea but God’s gift to me to

breathe the sweet fragrance of divinity

*  *  *

Waiting for the magic thread

That tucks us into our snuggly beds

It’s that place inside I see

That knows God is sleeping next to me

*  *  *

Remember the little engine that could

He didn’t have any shoulds

He wanted to go all the way

All he had to do was agree to play

*  *  *

What is so wrong about wanting to sing

It doesn’t mean you have to publish a thing

Just like writing for writing sake

To hear the sounds your heart can make

*  *  *

When I grew up there was unbelievable drama

I wished I had known then it was simply  all of our karma

Then I could have just let it all be

But I imagine I still would have wished it was not happening to me.

*  *  *

Gosh the pen just popped out of my hand

I was drifting off to never never land

When suddenly I felt that delicate sound

That brought me back to touch the ground

Glad About Mad

When we’re mad
Can we feel glad?
 Of course we can
We can be glad all the time and just watch the mad until it’s done
 I think glad sits right beside mad
In fact, they’re buds
 Sometimes mad gets a little louder than glad
But glad is always there
 Is it bad to be mad?
 No it’s not bad to be mad or glad
It’s just easier to be glad
Mad and glad have another bud named sad
Glad sits right between mad and sad
 It’s hard to stay mad or sad if you have glad in the middle
When glad is there it’s fun to giggle.
These buds are rad –  mad, sad and glad
I’m glad about sad and I am glad about mad.
*  *  *

Inspirational phrases  ( some could be greeting cards)

Can heaven be far away when joy abounds?

Moving keeps my heart alive and fresh to the adventure of the moment

Come let’s be together in the silence of our hearts’ knowing, softly whispering God to each other

I am listening to what matters, me and you

Kiss me in my heart for only you can reach me there

I know the place from whence I came when you walk past my eyes

What if I missed the opportunity to tell you I love you

We are gloriously rewarded every time we take a moment to be thankful

Collect all your precious memories inside your heart and blow them to God with a kiss and a thank you

Catch more moons on your horizon

Step inside the message and spill your heart

Make love to me God, I will be patient

Words are strung together in God’s sequence if you will dare to let go and see

Pretend there is nothing else but the sound of a rising and falling breath – the placing of being into now

Making sense of all is better left to God. All I know is I am sorry, please forgive me

My heart resounds with music when it remembers you

Keep believing until you believe

Find the grace in slowly

No time exists in this place I am in.  The sound of God is audible and I am completely at home in my own skin

I feel deliciously wrapped up in your arms with this utterly delightful grin in my heart

In the quiet stillness of my heart you come, graciously extending your hand to meet mine

There is no sense to  make of it, there is just love to give

Believe for even one second and you will trust for eternity

Someday maybe never is here now

Can we bust through the walls of seeming protection to step out into love

Have you ever traveled underneath the bird’s chirping to the Peace be Still

Amazing grace is the sweet sound of knowing you are loved

Being in this precious moment in reverent anticipation is love