A friend talking about her recent trip was remarking about how her love of reading maps is being overshadowed by the reliance on GPS. The enjoyment of figuring out a route and being engaged in it was missing for her. The art of learning how to read maps is no longer the preference. We have given over our hands on approach to navigating to systems.  Later today I had another experience of giving over the hands on as I drove into a laser car wash. That was a first. Nothing actually touched my car. And it was obvious at the end as bugs were still embedded in the hood and the dirt remained in various places. Those active hands touching the car were missing. Without my hands being involved I lose that sense of connection and engagement in what I am doing. I am noticing I am getting lazy using my fingers to type a text and dictating instead. I vote for bringing back more hands on. I am going to go brush my hair before bed.