Years ago to handle the crowds on the NY subway where I lived and commuted daily I would pretend everyone was my family as bodies were pressed up against each other as we all jammed ourselves into the car.
Today I flew on Alaska Airlines from LAX to Maui for work and I felt enveloped in a family. From the ticket agent to the gate agent and the flight attendants, I have not met a more authentic, genuine real group of people at work who are glad to be of service. When I complimented them, one flight attendant said “they” meaning Alaska Airlines takes good care of us. That’s what family does; takes good care of each other.  Walking on the plane I passed a woman breast-feeding her baby.  The baby’s feet were stretched out into the aisle and she pulled them back in.  The baby stopped breast feeding and gazed up at me. In that moment of great intimacy it was as if he was reminding me that we are all part of the oneness.  I am feeling honored to be here at this time on this plane all traveling together as one and including each other as family.