I have a birthday ministry singing a non traditional song. Yesterday I had a woman’s birthday show up on the calendar and I could not remember who it was.  My Contacts just had her phone number in Aruba. I emailed a recent client and asked her if she knew the person. She did not. So I just called the number on WhatsApp and sang the song adding a message to please remind me how we are connected. I got back the sweetest message and how she and I met on a plane last year from Aruba and were seated next to each other. At one point she looked at me and said, are you Martha Ringer?  She told me that I had consulted with her boss many years ago at the hotel in Aruba where they worked and I had given her some time as well.  I remember our conversation on the flight still as it was very spirit filled. The flight attendant took our photo and she sent it to me on what’s app yesterday.  I could never forget that joyful encounter. The re-connecting was so sweet and joyful. I just added her  information to contacts so next year I will know to whom I have the privilege and honor of connecting.