I am more consciously aware lately of how important it is for me to call myself out on any inclination to react to things, want to comment, have an opinion or judge anything.  I am calling myself forward to immediately address any reaction by stopping in that moment and lovingly placing my attention with the upset, shaking it off (dancing is helpful)  and lovingly forgiving myself for judging.  It is a tall order and I am up to the challenge. I honestly see it as an altar call to live more authentically from my soul and contribute who I truly am in any given situation – a presence of loving.   I pray to be free from the opinionated, right/wrong habit of my ego so I am more consistently experiencing the neutrality of my heart. The capstone is adding my thankfulness for being brought the experience from which to learn. I am being humbled in this process and it is a clear intention. This Dali Lama invitation is assisting me: Remember to cherish you and everyone all day and to remember we all want the same thing and we are all connected.