Listening Between the Lines

So simple it is to get caught up in the glamour of it all when the simple is even more exquisite. Going forward with only an inkling of where we might land is what God asks of us each day. We do it and surprise often meets us in the middle and gives us the meaning of our existence. Life is for being aware of the Spirit in all things and to learn how to find our true nature that we may have forgotten. This requires all of us to listen between the lines and let go of what we expected and choose what shows up instead. We are here to learn how to love. It’s that simple and it’s that exquisite. The space between the lines is wordless. It is the eternal quiet that rests us if we can get in there regularly. It’s the place that is free of chatter, activity or judgment. It is pure divine love. Love is behind every communication—in between the lines and maybe not visible to all. When actors say their lines, if they are not connected to the “space between the lines,” we know it. We all know the “space.” We sometimes just forget to occupy it.

This is the place of peace I seek

Calm moving gently with purpose trusting the direction into which I am called forward

No need to do, simply being with this moment aware of the beauty that surrounds me

I am blessed

Moving gently with a fluidity of water weightless and effortlessly merging with all I pass by yet contained in the knowing of who I am

Meet me in the garden of loving where the divine is in everything and capturing all that is precious

I have a voice of my own with it’s own tone, it’s own message. It flows from me with grace and it is often non verbal. How to speak without talking. It is how to listen – how to be – to listen with heart, not just with ears. It is being present with all things not noticing the cold – just letting in the warmth, the heat of another human being, another heart, one that is with all things. It is loving that gives us free.

A high form of loving is listening to what a person has to say

Magical Threads

Magical Threads wave from the sky like ribbons waving from the 

Stars – pick me – says one – pick me says another and we wait

How do I Choose?

Blue – the tread of golden wisdom full of caring

Yellow – the knowing of God’s heart

Purple = the home of our spirit – peace

Green = the freedom to be

Orange  – the sweetness of love

Red = the passion of living

Gold = illumination

May I have some of each please

A bouquet of threads entwined with the divine

Listening session  – January 21, 2015

The calm invites you in deeper to the being to the place of no-thing

From this place the listening comes and hears the divine guidance flowing through. Choices are in abundance. The wisdom is in the selection of the one that can most serve. Waiting to know honors the divine in you.  Breathe into the waiting space and be grateful to be here. 

The revealing is in Spirit’s timing and is related to your availability to receiving. 

Let the anticipation go, let the mind go

Come into this receiving space free of the world and filled with divine loving 

Let the words flow into you and watch as they arrive

Teach loving presence

Stand fully in who you are

Reach into the divine for guidance

See with the Beloved’s gaze

Look inside first

Relax fully

Trust in the divine design

Embrace all things

Love what you judge and let it go

Focus where you are 

Know you are in God’s hands

Believe in the loving that is

Set aside the disagreements you have inside – bless them

Keep returning to your own fullness

Move in the divine flow trusting the delivery and completing times

Hear the silence speaking  

Give of you, your true divine self

Step above the distractions and move back to what is

Nothing requires your attention more than the loving present  

Be grateful down to your toe tips for what is as it is here especially for you  

Take direction only if divinely sourced  

Expand how you see to include all possibilities and the infinite. 

Treasure connection with each Beloved one

Know yourself as the blessing  

Discover what your heart knows to be so  

Be enveloped completely in your true nature 

Touch with the sacred tender loving heart alive and flowing in your hands

Let go completely into the loving

Laugh your heart’s delight 

Stay with, be still, come in   

Silence holds us in the divine stillness   

Arrive to this moment fully committed to being with