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Martha Treats is my Martha Ringer Consulting newsletter, sent once a month by email. It gives you an inspiring learning nugget around completion and includes an invitation to take action around that learning in your life.
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Softly, Slowly, Gently: Relaxing in the Joy of Being
We have a natural rhythm that is connected, present, clear, and relaxed. Its foundation is softly, slowly, gently. We overlay it with our own urgencies by living at the adrenalin pace of life obscuring our true focus. If we can quell the urges to go faster, be quick about it, push with fury, we get to drop into our solid foundation of being that holds our true pace. The words were given to me by Spirit teaching me to relax even deeper into who I am. Come into this receiving space, free of the world and filled with divine loving. 7 minutes

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Complete.Done.Finished. The joy of doing, the freedom when done
In this book, I illustrate the joy of moving and doing with my own spontaneous brush strokes that highlight my completion work. You will be immersed in the delight of completing as you read this book, and you will be inspired to act. I communicate what I have experienced and know with my heart. 85 pages, full color. $24.95

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Tuck Me In, relaxing yourself to sleep.
Consciously letting go of and completing the day prepares a place for our body, mind, and emotions to relax so that our spirit is free to take us into the genuine sleep and rejuvenation we need. As you turn each page you will be soothed into sleep in a peaceful, loving and nourishing way calmed by the watercolors. 70
 pages, full color. $15.95

Give yourself a gift of loving. Give yourself a gift of completing each day as it comes to a close and of awakening to the newness in you as each new day dawns. – John-Roger, DSS

Buy the Kindle e-book and audio version in my voice, available on Amazon

Watch a live reading by me and the many wonderful people who supported the completing of this book on Youtube