Prior to the Soul Listening Series I called my writing – Daily Blessings.  I would ask for a blessing and then listen to what appeared.

Sometimes the Prayer became the answer

Please let me keep relaxing in the newness in the freedom of no past or future. Allow me to receive what is being presented from this new place I find myself dwelling. The holy visited me today blessing me with moving into the unmanifest reality of now. 

Listen to the beat of your heart and thank God for loving you.

Breathing naturally to God’s rhythm, authentically resting in this very moment without opinion or thought, merely available to move at a moment’s notice to what presents itself.

The mystery of this level is revealed only when we take the risk to sacrifice everything we think we know for a deeper reality

Let flow your heart. Let it ooze into every crack and cranny. Let it rule your life in ways unimaginable so who you are is visible to all

Dawn comes graciously awakening the gladness and reminding us we are of God and we have a job to do today that matters  –  to love.

Speak less of the things you find troublesome and more of the beauty you see. The beauty will heal the troublesome

Pretend there is nothing else but the sound of a rising and falling breath. That is the placing of being into now.

Keep hugging the curb of authentic expression. Nothing is more inviting than the truth.

Please and thank you cares for the divine in us all

Being a witness is a privilege. When someone lets us see their soul there are no words but silence to express the gratitude

The silence speaks loudly on levels inaudible to our ears yet familiar to the heart

Keep your ear attuned to the sound of holy

Having a quick mind is a blessing and the greater blessing is having a knowing heart.