I have had this myth of thinking if I don’t have a topic I can’t write a blog post. How silly is that! For years I have been simply sitting down and allowing what is present to flow through without any agenda.  So what makes this any different. I tell myself another myth that the computer is different somehow than pen on paper. But that is also not true. So here goes – no topic – just my breath rising and falling patiently waiting for whatever will appear. I love this gentle day I just had being on my own with no plan and simply doing what appeared. At one point I walked myself to the kitchen and declared it was time for dishes after two days of just letting them pile up (another myth dissolved – I have to do the dishes before going to bed) There just is simply no wrong way to do any of it. At the end of day or the middle in this case, the dishes get done. How I do what I do has no rules and my job is to keep busting the myths wide open and have fun with it all. Staying wide open to see what is revealed moment to moment keeps me excited to keep playing the game. Tonight it was to keep my agreement to post something each day for the next month.