As part of my writing practice, I often dialogue with my higher self so I am accessing my inner knowing vs my mind/emotions.  And this excerpt was a special invitation to access the Gibran inside of me.

First Dialogue with Gibran

M: Starting for me is sometimes an issue and once I am immersed all flows easily. I had this image of having the whole day to write with you and then two people called and wanted to talk and people I never speak with. I thought that odd on this day. I am not sure what if anything I want to know about. What I am is open to be shared with in this moment.

G: Sometimes without a starting point or an intention there is no place to move towards.

M: That is so funny. It is what I tell my clients.

G: So you understand of what I speak?

M Yes, clearly. So my intention is clear. I have an intention to write with you at a deeper level than I have yet known.

G: That is clear. And that we shall co-create together.

M: I am open to receive your loving.

G: That is always the first step in any relationship.

M: Funny we arrived at the subject of relationship. I believe I connected with you so I would know about relationship. I am preparing a place to receive my beloved partner and I am open to receiving him. I notice you had two deeply meaningful relationships in your life with May and Mary. And I believe there were others. When I read your letters it seemed like they were both the love of your life simultaneously. How is that possible?

G: You are living in an illusion about relationship. Love is not constricted. It exists in all things at all times. And who I am present with in this moment is the one to love.

M: Then how does marriage and commitment fit in?

G: It is all a choice and not something to be restricted. You get to choose how you want to share loving and with whom. There are no rules, yet it seems you have them in your mind.

M: I do. I clearly do. I keep seeing a companion with whom I get to share deeply, be physically close, do things I love. The other image is know with this person I am completely safe and myself.

G: You can have that place with someone that is not necessarily a partner.

M: Yes I do have that

G: Are you wanting to be married?

M: Yes I am.

G: Do you know why?

M: Something about choice and being chosen by someone who declares me lovable

G: So how can you declare yourself lovable?

M: Well put. I am so sleepy now I am having trouble staying conscious.

G: What is it you really want to talk with me about?

M: Sneaky. What I really want to know about is how to . . . [nothing follows ]

Second Dialogue with Gibran

M: Speak to me of what I am to learn from you.

G: You are the source, the God within you. Listen to the inner quiet that speaks and guides and knows.

M: This morning I wrote my Treat for clients. I settled into the place of being and I spoke from my heart of heart’s. My editor noticed the difference.

G: The heart knows the difference. From where we speak makes the difference. My art has that quality you describe. I went into the quiet being of loving to draw.

M: I see that place in your art and you move that place inside of me.

G: Being receptive with your fullness of being will allow you to see essence before form.

M: That is my prayer. One of my challenges is to know how to communicate the deep intimacy of connection through my voice. For when I speak it does not communicate with depth.

G: Perhaps your presence is to be more powerful than words and to communicate through your inner quiet as a presence will speak more than any word or picture.

ML that was the message from J-R to me this morning – Your presence is of inner quiet.

G: Wise counsel.

M: I feel loved in this moment of connection with you.

G: What you are learning in your visioning process is the ability to settle in deeper and experience the divine presence you are and to move from there whether it be words, steps, pictures or simply being.

M: Simply being has been my prayer for years and in this moment I am seeing the essence of simply being at another level. Simply being is the absence of the inner flutter, pusher, leaving only me as a presence in my full intimacy, nothing to stay, communicate, fix or do, and everything there is right now her to be.

G: That is all you need – you in your fullness as a presence among us.

M: When I began reading the Prophet that is what I experienced.

G: That is who you are Beloved

M: I am me and you.

G: Yes always in this moment we are the same.

M: So when you wrote to May, you said I am in you and you in me. You were recognizing the oneness in Spirit?

G: Yes.

M: Is that why you chose not to have physical relationships with the women in your life?

G; Only with May and Mary as they exemplified the closeness to Spirit vs the closeness of the flesh.

M: Can you describe that difference for me. I thought lovemaking was for the soul’s connection.

G: Once the physical body is the focus of desire the elevated place of the Soul’s love can be less available and the personality has more control.

M: But isn’t it possible to have both?

G: Of course. And I was not confident I could maintain both.

M: I am now just seeing that I have made my choices about some absolute outside truth that does not exist. I am the only one who knows what works for me and I decide that moment to moment. And it doesn’t have to align with anyone else’s beliefs.

G: I think we are back to the beginning question you asked and I answered. Seek your own counsel.

M: Thank you and God bless you