No good or bad

As I was describing something I participated in, my friend reminded me to tell the story as an experience without any evaluation on it.  Just the facts Ma'am without the commentary.  Feelings are feelings, experiences are experiences. Judging them comes from the ego and describing comes from acceptance. While we may not agree with a situation or a person or [...]

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Looking for Looks

A look is a visual treat that can show up anywhere you are. I have one from a window in my house that looks up to the mountains in Ojai. I never used to see it before the drought.  Now there is an opening across the bike path to the mountains. My whole body smiles each as I look up [...]

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Yes I will! said the Green Haired Boy

I received 8 boxes of books at the Post Office last week and realized it would be 8 trips to my car. I went to shift things around to fit them in my trunk and as I walked back to the Post Office a small group of 12 year olds with their teacher were approaching. I opened up my arms [...]

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Freeway wisdom

I was on the freeway and someone cut me off. I started to react and heard this inside and recorded it so I would remember.  When someone cuts me off and I don't react I am in my compassion. When someone cuts me off and I do react I am judging myself for all the times I have done that [...]

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Beyond Maintenance

I was challenged in my writing to look beyond maintaining into greater creativity.  It's true.  Maintaining can be a comfort zone. When I give myself time in my schedule to write and express my creativity I find the maintenance almost handles itself.  And making the switch from maintenance to creativity as the directive is a trust walk. And when I [...]

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Relaxing into synchronicity

I had a day of synchronicity filled with ease and grace today. Traffic was cooperative, the things I needed to pick up easily accessible, people were there when I needed assistance at the perfect moment, discovering a mutual friend with a total stranger when buying letterhead stationery, meeting someone I know at the car wash and waiting together, and my [...]

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I want to Flourish

A friend here in Ojai is creating a center for sharing wisdom through guest presenters, classes and events where people can flourish.  She has just named the center Flourish. I love that name. I remembered something I wrote years ago that ended with the word flourish.  And here it is. Patience, Patience, Patience I am in that place where blossoms [...]

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