Rain Rain come again

After a blissful night of real rain plentiful from the sky, for the first time in a year, I pray I never take rain for granted. I was on the East Coast for Thanksgiving and it rained. I was happy to walk in it, get really wet and feel the raindrops on my face, not to mention take a longer shower. [...]

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Fresh from God

Today I was given the gift of holding 5 day old Lilly for an hour while she slept. It may have been the first time I have had that opportunity. A whole hour with a soul fresh from God renewed me and reminded me of the preciousness of being and of the honor it is to be here. Watching her [...]

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Growth awareness

I am sitting here at the computer to turn off wireless for overnight and tempted to do a few things.  And I will wait till morning as I know after many years of pushing, that I will be clearer in the morning, will get it done in half the time and I will have greater inner cooperation.  I am grateful [...]

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Loving around me

I was looking at the things around me in my home and realizing that what I have chosen to keep in view and on my walls all keep my heart open. look I felt this wave of gratitude for all the loving looking back at me and the reminders of the moments in my life and the people who keep [...]

2018-11-03T17:44:30+00:00November 3rd, 2018|1 Comment
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