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I was driving somewhere recently and noticed an older couple likely in their 80's walking down the street carrying those long poles that pick up trash. There they were out for their walk  and serving in their sweet way with loving for our planet. It moved me. Still does.

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I have a birthday ministry singing a non traditional song. Yesterday I had a woman's birthday show up on the calendar and I could not remember who it was.  My Contacts just had her phone number in Aruba. I emailed a recent client and asked her if she knew the person. She did not. So I just called the number [...]

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A house lift

I am having a new rug installed in a couple of days and I asked a friend to look at some of the choices I was making about shifting art, and furniture. Together we created a whole new environment and had so much fun doing it. The "is it a 10?" measurement makes it easy to let things go. As [...]

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Eyes everywhere but here

Yesterday I nearly ran over a kid who walked in front of my car as I was pulling into a shopping center from a busy intersection.  He didn't see me as he was texting while he walked. When I jammed on the brakes he looked up for a second, shrugged, and kept texting as he walked ahead.  How willing we are to [...]

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A Being Day

Occasionally there are days where there is nothing that needs handling and being can be my residence. Of course all the other days can be as well if I remember not to get swept up in the doing and maintain the being as I go. Today feels like calm came in and sat down beside me and said today all [...]

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