Years ago a friend was assisting me in getting more engaged and grounded in my physical body through exercise. He said tracking the number of repetitions I was doing would keep me engaged.  I did not follow through nor did I do consistent exercise. This year I made a commitment to moving my body and not call it exercise. My [...]

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Profound ordinary

This was the phrase I woke up with this morning. All day I have wondered about it and just figured out what it meant for me. Today I did the simple ordinary things like, wash and change sheets on my bed, pick up avos and lemons and eggs at the farmer's market, do my exercises, meditate, talk with a good [...]

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A life long practice

In the heat of the summer of 105 degrees I longed for the cooler weather. And now I am wearing socks in my house in the morning with temperatures falling into the 50's at night. And now I miss the heat. Wishing it to be different and then wanting it to go back. What a silly approach. My prayer is [...]

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Thank God for gratitude. I have been using it the last few days with challenges I have been having on this business trip.  It is so easy to go into what is not working and as soon as I start rolling with gratitude statements for what is, the seeming disturbances fade away into the background. I am grateful for having [...]

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Slithering Wonder

Up on the trail tonight a woman in front of us stopped and called out to get our attention. She was next to a large rattler sunning itself on the trail. She thought she should encourage it to move. We suggested just waiting. As we waited I had a completely different experience of snakes. I watched the snake with wonder [...]

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Divine energy

I am aware of thinking I don't have the same energy I used to. And I am also aware there is infinite energy available in Spirit if I am willing to stay connected to what I call the 'isness." The layers above isness pull me into other energy fields that take my energy vs replenish it.  My mental and emotional [...]

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A Photo Finish

A woman at a store here in Ojai assisted me in finding the perfect ribbons and colors for a gift I was giving. Then another friend wrapped the gift for me. It was so delightful I took a photo. And then for the past month or more I have stopped by the store a number of times to thank the [...]

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