The final piece – celebrating

There is that phrase, "it's all over but the shouting " or if you live in the UK "it's all over but the shouting."  I just googled the origin which is said to have been a Welsh-born journalist named Charles James Apperley (pseudonym Nimrod) in 1842 claiming victory with a sports game before the final score. In my case, the [...]

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Cooperation is part of my life path and a continual test. Today I drove 5 hours to work with a client the next two days. First my Waze (like google maps) would not work, the traffic in LA at rush hour was nuts and arriving at the hotel involved having to change rooms and then not easily getting luggage from [...]

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Giving over the hands on

A friend talking about her recent trip was remarking about how her love of reading maps is being overshadowed by the reliance on GPS. The enjoyment of figuring out a route and being engaged in it was missing for her. The art of learning how to read maps is no longer the preference. We have given over our hands on [...]

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Love the flow days

When the day flows like today from one thing to the next with clarity, focus, ease and grace there is only gratitude. I am putting in my order for another day like it tomorrow!  I cooperated and let the way open for whatever was next. The day was full and I am full along with it. Thank you.

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Too late, Too tired

As I sat down at this very late hour to post I could hear a familiar refrain in my head, "I'm too tired and it's too late." It's just a story and not an accurate one. If what I was about to do would take 4 hours maybe I would want to reconsider and reschedule. It's easy to use late [...]

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Fulfillment used to be something I would apply to an out in the world gain. Now it is an inner experience I equate to filled to overflowing. That place that is connected inside to the all one and dwells in the being of right now. There is no place to go, and not much to say yet the conversation is [...]

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Spirit’s flow

There is a natural flow in this universe which I find reassuring. When I am willing to relax and flow with it vs resist it all is well. For me it's a continual practice and I am thankful I am mostly willing to get back into the flow when I start charting my own course. I was reminded that the [...]

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Being there

I arrived at a store today to pick up an item they put on hold for me and the person who was assisting me excused herself and said she was very sad as the apartment she was so certain she would get just fell through and she was distracted. I could see the tears forming. She apologized for mixing business [...]

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A Hole in One

My brother emailed me today answering a question of mine and casually added at the end, "I hit a hole in one today." I knew he was talking about golf. I was thrilled for him. It's quite a moment as a golfer. And then I started thinking about all kinds of situations I might refer to as a hole in [...]

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A Dear Deer

I am sitting here working on my computer and saw a large movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up in time to see a sweet deer walking down my driveway. It's been years since I have seen a deer on the property near my house. And now as I am typing the deer is right outside [...]

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