I heard this spoken in an interview:  "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite. " Shakespeare says it so well.  [Juliet] For me giving of the infinite is easy.  When I try to give from any other place it robs my bounty. [...]

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An open heart

I attended an evening last night celebrating a group of people who spent 5 days learning what is not taught in schools; how to be true to yourself, live in your authentic heart, trust what you know to be true and live from the loving that we all are - the soul level. Those wide open hearts that spoke one [...]

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We think we have to have big blocks of time to do something. I am experimenting right now writing a blog with one minute left in the hour of focus call. I just read an article by Michelle Obama that I have wanted to read and thought I didn't have the time. But it took just a few minutes and [...]

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Absorbed into wanting to

My friend painted my front door yesterday and thanked me for asking as she said it was very nourishing. I watched her, as I am not a great house painter, and could feel her  "wanting to" and her enjoyment. This morning I heard myself say "I want to write" and I felt the joy emerging.  I was thrilled to welcome [...]

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A good laugh

I was talking with my brother and the subject about being attached to your device showed up in the conversation. And he started laughing as he looked down and saw the cord going from his ear to his iPhone and said, I am literally attached to my device. I looked down and realized I was as well and we had [...]

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Just sit

Allowing myself to sit and just be (without paper and pen or a book) with just the view outside my eyes and inside with my heart, stills me into the “isness”

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