I have always looked at intimacy as something outside of me and with another person. Recently I am aware that intimacy is about me being fully present in this moment with who I am. I am experiencing it as free falling into the divine unknowing past any fear or anxiety, trusting all is well right here now with me and [...]

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A love well lived

We celebrated our Beloved friend James who just graduated from this earth back to the heart of God. I must say I have not ever laughed as much at a memorial celebration as I did. James' humor was alive and well. I think it is time to rethink how we address the departure of loved ones and celebrate the graduation [...]

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The natural calm

Like the 10 speed gears on my bike, my day-to-day speed of travel has always been at the higher end. I am working on a book titled Softly, Slowly, Gently. Like my previous two books, the content shows up when I am living it vs talking about it. Slowly is not a word that would be ascribed to me. Yet [...]

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The bunnies are back

Today was the first time I have seen a bunny since the Ojai fire in December. They were prolific and running about my property  in abundance. Seeing that little bunny just now out my window brings in that sweet knowing that all is well.

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Anything else?

I am starting to use this phrase with myself. It's a way of paying attention to what my inner knower has to offer. Sometimes it gives me information about what I forgot to add to something for completion, sometimes it is a way to just be with myself and listen.  And sometimes I hear information I might have missed had [...]

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Best Shot

Being specific in my requests for things is likely to yield what I envision receiving. Then there is one of my favorite approaches called "surprise me." That way I am letting go and allowing Spirit to send what might be even better. I was reminded of that today while driving and listening to music from my iPod.  Instead of choosing [...]

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Quiet Benevolence

I heard these words inside and they remind me of those times when spontaneously I experience a very deep quiet entering my inner and outer space.  I usually take a breath and am thankful for the visit.  I love how beautifully quiet benevolence describes the beauty and reverence present.

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Loving is not a mental construct

I believe that there is nothing that loving cannot heal and if I engage with 100% of my loving all is well. And sometimes I remind myself that loving is not a thought it's an action. I am laughing as I type, hearing my constant refrain to my clients while assisting in choosing verbs to clarify their next action steps. [...]

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Butt in chair

I love watching myself avoid sitting down to write. And yet each time I do I am given something to write and it never comes from my thinking mind. Sitting through those few moments of emptiness takes getting used to. I trust that something will appear, and I am grateful for the words that are given to me when they [...]

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